Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I look toward the horizon.
I see the storm coming,
I feel winds of change across my soul.
I've been here before, I smell the enemy,
waiting to shred lessons unfurled.

I sense deep within
to watch darkening clouds,
to feel the pelting rain,
is to fail to learn the lesson;
to stand soaking in unnecessary pain...

I've learned from the past,
few storms are outrun.
It just tatters unfurling sails.
The lessons that come in the wind and the rain
in time the sun reveals.

When the storm has passed
It is then that more gentle winds
carry me along,
and the sails unfurled, the lessons learned,
take me to where I belong.

So I come to You,
my Sanctuary,
my safe place in the storm.
Here I find in the quiet and still
that I know you are God.

1 comment:

Jeff Ragan said...

Great poem, Sweetie! I love your writing. Just one more way you inspire me!