Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Look unto Him"

The essence of faith is the unseen - without it faith is no faith at all. If I wait until God brings in the harvest, provides tomorrow's grain or today's health and then claim to be woman of faith, does that glorify God?

What happens when God does not give me what I desire? A Pastor in our area lost his young wife recently after a long battle with MS. They prayed and prayed for a miracle. She suffered long and hard. They all did. Her children will grow up without their mother. Where is God in that? Why didn't her faith make her well?

According to Oswald Chambers it is not in the receiving but in the looking that we are saved:

"Waiting for God is incarnate unbelief, it means that I have no faith in Him; I wait for Him to do something in me that I may trust in that. God will not do it, because that is not the basis of the God-and-man relationship...I do not believe God unless He will give me something in my hand whereby I know I have it, then I say -"Now I believe." There is no faith there. "
Look unto me, and be ye saved." - Oswald Chambers MUFHH 6 Dec.

It was not her healing that saved her, it was in the looking. Do I only trust God because He has given to me in the past or will give to me in the future? Or do I trust Him because He gave to me once and for all eternity? Which is the basis for my faith?

For 400 years, 40 generations of Israel were enslaved in Egypt. One generation went in, and only one generation came out. Did God fail to hear the prayers of the generations who died in slavery? Were they looking?

For many this will be a difficult Christmas. If we have no gifts this season, no holiday feast, where will my eyes be? "Look unto Him, and be ye saved."

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Sometimes I try to remember all the good things God does give me, that I've wanted without asking. Life, beauty in the landscape, breath, color....

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