Monday, December 8, 2008

Mother Letter Project

It's 10:42 Pm. The day is ending almost exactly as it started...

I sat down to thank Ann Vaskamp from aholyexperience for her words this morning. How could she possibly have known that I, so many many miles away, was standing in her very shoes?

There was nothing left to say - she had so eloquently said it all for me. How does she do that, make crying babies and messy houses and hungry husbands sounds so eloquent?

In a brief quiet moment at the end of the day I came to thank God for the encouragement during my brief quiet moment this morning and I am beckoned once again. This time One, in rushed slumber to reach the potty, has failed to lift the seat ,

and the car light is still on...

and one needs water...

Ann, I am so glad you wrote this morning. Thanks for kneeling and lending me your knees. It made a difference in my day.

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